Jewelle Colwell Boldt

Jewelle is an award winning actress, film and television producer, published author of both fiction and non, and has always been aware of her purpose to bring light and heightened awareness to the world through the power of story.  Jewelle’s world changed dramatically in the summer of 2015, the trauma causing her to require emergency surgery later that year, after which she nearly died in post op. At this point, Jewelle’s focus evolved to include her own story of recovery to inspire others in their journeys to wholeness. To further enable this process, she received her life coach certification and continues her studies in order to provide support to the journeys of others. She has written numerous articles on PTSD and Wholeness for magazines and books, alongside her recovery support blog at 

Jewelle provides daily life and mindset coaching in her facebook group, The Art of Onward, to further inspire and motivate members to live the life they would love. 


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