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The Trauma Hiders Club Podcast

with Karen Goldfinger Baker, Executive Coach & Host
"My guest is Trauma Coach, Speaker, Author Jewelle (Colwell) Boldt Zehr

Get in on it as we jam on
High Colonics for your brain
Betrayal and the Impact of Betrayal Trauma
This conversation is tender, deep, and it’s an invitation for self-compassion and care"

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Stand Up & Speak Up with Walt Grassl
Interview with Jewelle Colwell Boldt


Sharing Space with Jill Maria Robinson for I'm Here With Magazine Podcast

She has written numerous articles on PTSD and Wholeness for magazines and books, alongside her recovery support blog at

Jewelle provides daily life and mindset coaching in her facebook group, The Art of  On ward, to further inspire and motivate members to live the life  they would love.

Jewelle Zehr
Trauma Recovery Coach
Heal your Heart, Heal your Life
Let’s Rebuild your Life after Trauma.

Facilitating Inspired
Healing & Transformation
after Trauma and Abuse


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