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The Benefits of Forgiving Ourselves

Welcome back to the Art of the Onward everyone. I hope and trust you are each progressing on your journey to your own inner wholeness, and pray this blog is an aid for you as you take your steps.

It takes courage to step forward.

We've talked about this a lot.

It's not easy to try again, to rebuild a life, both within and without.

In fact, I'm doing just that these days. I'm dissolving a house I've lived in for 14 years. I've raised my two daughters here. We've shared a million happy moments together here, and we've had some heartbreaking times here as well. Yes, it became our home. This is the longest I have ever lived in one place, and I am well aware that the changes coming will be massive.

And thrilling. And challenging.

This is the last of the major hoops I need to move through before I arrive where I need to be.

There is a peace within me, within my heart, that passes all understanding. Yes, it's from God. But it's also from doing the work that I share in these posts. Every post in this blog sequence stems from my personal discovery of what works.

Without finding my broken and stumbling path to forgiveness, I am convinced, I would not have this peace within me during these consuming days.

It took a long time. The forgiveness thing. And because we are human beings, having a human experience, I know there are elements I will need to continue to revisit, until they too are fully forgiven.

It's easy to be angry at ourselves. Easier than at someone else - for me anyway. Because when we are the cause of our issues, we maintain some sort of control - the control to hold on to our pain at will, to return to it when we feel like it, or just relish in the blaming of ourselves. The control to hopefully, somehow, in our desperation, make it right again. These are all very real reasons for why we tend to blame ourselves.

Forgiving someone else does not mean forgetting. Or inviting the same back into our lives.

Similarly, when we forgive ourselves, we don't forget.

But we are then able to receive a few things:

- Peace

- Learning

- A sense of Calm deep within our beings