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Meet Kate

Kate lives in the UK and was working with the Mental Health Services for two years prior to us working together

Meet Kate

"Hi, My name is Kate and I’m scientist in physics and sole parent for two boys under 5yo and that is last 2 years. I’m 36 year old and I’m trauma survivor. My trauma was last past 36 years. From one year I’m diagnosed with severe depression, PTSD and personal dissociation after being abuse by my narcissistic ex husband, abuse in every possible way you can imagine. I don’t trust people and more important I don’t trust myself. I was seeking help but non of CBT, CFT, EMDR or counselling was work. No one was understanding what I went through and I was treated like one of the others before me. I have suicidal thoughts past 2 years every day, every single day I feel that I haven’t got even that choice. I have 4yo at home who is acting like my ex husband and triggers me every day. That dark day I started writing with Jewelle but my brain and heart repeats to not trust her and Jewelle respected that. She heard mine fears, she seen how scared I’m and she was still there, for me, respected mine feeling and me. I will not lied I wanted gave up as I was scared to healing. I wanted but I was terrified. Jewelle offered me her time and now after 3 weeks I see that by baby steps I feel myself and I’m able to think! Yes I’m able to feel and think not run and fight. That is so amazing and so scared feeling at the same time but Jewelle is here for me to help. My and my sons life is changing it’s actually changing for better. My kids smile much more often, I’m able to stand up every morning from the bed and that is my choice! Yes, mine. I start enjoy my life, play with mine children, walk, food, and the most important I stopped feel freezing cold (that mine trauma respond) and I my suicidal thoughts decreased significantly. It’s worth to try, I see now that that was the best choice in my entire life.
Jewelle it’s amazing coach. She is warm, gentle, she listening and understand as she have her own experience of trauma. She is working with me, using mine speed and respect all what I’m going through as mine life wasn’t stopped. That is so important! Jewelle thank you so much, trust you was the best decision in my life."


Inspiring Healing & Inner Wholeness
Using My Story To Inspire Yours

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