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Thought Purge - Finding your Authentic Truth

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This course will guide you to uncover and bring to light any subconscious fears, blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Welcome to the THOUGHT PURGE: A process I developed during my own healing journey which has helped me to journal in a safer way, strengthen my awareness of what is lurking beneath the surface of my logical thinking brain, facilitate a more calm and restful sleep, and has turned those monsters lurking in the darkness of unawareness into something I can now easily bring to light. I have even used this process to bring confidence back to my intuition and thereby my decision making. If you feel like you already know all that you know (the thinking brain) and have talked it to delirium, but still you know there is something missing in your healing process, use the thought purge to bring to light that which is hiding beneath the surface. Yes, this has been proven to help both in my recovery and that of each of my clients.

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