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Hi, and welcome to the Art of Onward. This concept began as a blog and, a year later (after realizing I was called, ready, and had a deep desire to bring healing to other trauma survivors), I became certified as a life coach and then took a million transformative and powerful courses to really dive into the healing opportunities available. Many of these worked, but most did not. 

A few years ago I came across RIM®, a powerful therapeutic strategy that coaches and therapists can use to facilitate healing in our world, and was invited to become a certified facilitator. I completed this beautiful and life changing certification in September 2022, although I had been using RIM® after the initial training I received a few years earlier. 

My program is created with all the elements that saved my own life. Tried and True. Brought me back out of the darkness and fog of grief, trauma, loss and losing not only my current life, but the future I thought I was creating in tandem with my then husband. 

This trauma nearly took my life several times and led me to make grave mistakes during my heightened trauma response state. 

After struggling (while working with several therapists who gave me what they could, it just wasn't enough for me) for 3 years to even just recognize myself again, I realize there was a massive need in our world - one I intended to fill with those who choose to work with me....

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The Program


... With the help of my own coaches, I compiled this powerful 8 week program, which includes 9 weekly sessions (we share this sacred healing space over zoom) with every step I took that actually helped me be the me I am today. I don't want to waste your time, energy and money on what not only did nothing for my actual recovery, but sometimes actually traumatized me further. 

In a nut shell, you're getting everything that saved my life, brought me back in a way I hadn't dared to hope for, with the added benefit of RIM® to provide life long, deep healing and wholeness from the inside out. 

This work isn't possible without first nurturing your nervous system, as we gently prepare you to be ready to receive the healing. Each of these elements work delicately for your benefit, as the results snowball into you finding and awakening to your you in a safe way to allow you to truly experience the healing you so much deserve. 

Here are the aspects to the program and which will require your full commitment (because they work): 

1. 10 - 15 minutes for "dailies" 

2. 1 section of the weekly workbook I've compiled with the basics (I love this because at the end of the program, you have the entire workbook completed and can revisit or even add to your work and thoughts any time in an easy to follow and organized setting - I suggest a binder)

3. Weekly one hour 1 on1 sessions where you are safe to just be, and where I will meet you where you're at. This is where we do the needed healing that is unique to you. We all have different histories and experiences, and your sessions reflect that uniqueness. We also review any challenges and insights from the weeks' assignment during these hours and provide guidance for that aspect of your journey.

4. RIM® sessions are included in these 8 weeks. We will plan these together, and will schedule at least 90 minutes for us to have the space we need.

5. You will receive emails from me after every session outlining what we've discussed and any new strategies we've talked about adding to your dailies. This email also includes any additional modules for you to watch on your time (and to have for ever). 

6. First and Foremost - I believe in order to heal on the deep levels we will be working with, a deep sense of safety and compassionate respect for your you must be in place. We do not re traumatize the nervous system, instead we nurture it into a healthier place.  

7. I do not believe in bandaid solutions.  If you have a broken arm, the doctor doesn't just pile bandaid after bandaid on the bone. And neither will we. Bandaids are so prevalent in the trauma recovery realm (coping strategies are simply not enough), and using certain therapies to re traumatize the survivor are both elements I do not subscribe to. Why? Because they didn't help me, and haven't truly helped anyone I know. And my promise to you always is that we use your valuable energy toward what has been proven to work. 

8. I encourage you to read the testimonials available here  to get an idea of the results my clients experience as a result of our work together. If these awaken a longing within you for similar results, let's have a conversation, make sure we're a fit, and get you started as soon as we can. 

In order to qualify for the program I need 3 things from you: 

1. Your commitment to do the work even when you don't feel like it - making your healing an intentional priority for the next 8 weeks

2. Your willingness to be coached

3. Your willingness to allow me to gently and safely guide you across the boundaries of your current comfort zone into your new way of living 

The results you see from this program are only as powerful as your willingness to say yes to the above. 

As always, sending courage for your journey, and hope to meet you soon,

~ Jewelle


Please feel free to email me. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Alternately, you're welcome to schedule some time with me (below) where we can share space and have a conversation. 



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