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Programs, Courses & Special Events hosted by Jewelle Zehr, Cert. Coach & RIM® Facilitator specializing in Trauma Healing & Transformation

Healing & Empowerment Hub

A Monthly Membership

Welcome to the NEW Healing & Empowerment Hub Membership for Trauma Survivors.

Take the next step on your journey towards a brighter future. With my ongoing support, you can heal from past traumas and become empowered to live the life you’ve always wanted with peace, clarity, joy and freedom.

This is perfect for anyone looking to supplement their current healing processes.

Discover the power of community and sign up today.

Enrollment is ongoing. Included are the following Elements:


Monthly Course

Join this exclusive Trauma Healing and Empowerment Hub Membership to access a wealth of resources, tools, and support. Gain insights, learn coping strategies, and connect with a community of individuals on a similar path. Take control of your healing journey today.


Weekly Group Coaching Session

Participate in our weekly Group Coaching Session led by Jewelle Zehr. Receive guidance, encouragement, and practical advice to overcome challenges and achieve personal growth. Join a supportive group of individuals and get unstuck from trauma.


Monthly Group RIM Session

Experience the power of Monthly Group RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) Session. Through this transformative technique, release emotional blocks, heal past wounds, and create a positive vision for your future. Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

*VIP Discounts for Private RIM® Sessions in effect of the duration of your membership participation. 

Trigger First Aid & Resiliency

This Course includes 8 modules where you will learn: 

* The most effective first response to your triggered state and how to implement for the smoothest and quickest transition to physiological and emotional equilibrium

*Demystify the Trigger and your Response 

*Why Triggers can be so overwhelming

*How to manage the big Emotions & Feelings so they don't bottle up

*Building Emotional Resilience

*How to benefit from Triggers

*Includes 2 meditations for deeper processing

hosted by Trauma Recovery & Transformation Coach, Jewelle Zehr



Betrayal Trauma FREE Special Event
JUNE 3/2023
with Jewelle Zehr


Facilitating Inspired
Healing & Transformation
after Trauma and Abuse


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