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Client Testimonials

Who you choose to work your healing journey with is a very personal decision. You want someone who can both sit in the pain with you and also gently guide (sometimes carry) you out.

Preferably someone who's been there and knows the path.


You need - you deserve - a cheerleader, a shaman and a guide - and you want to know you're not wasting your time and money investments.

To share what my clients take away from our work together, I am adding some testimonials below.

This will hopefully help guide you in your decision making process. 

For the sake of privacy I often only provide first name initials.

(I'm sure you can understand this journey is so deeply personal and most people don't want the public knowing about their struggles.) 

People I've worked with include:
teachers, nurses, stay at home moms, NYPD Officers, socialites, actors, students, teens, CEO's, bankers, financial advisors, virtual assistants, school principals, fellow coaches, therapists, social workers, and many more. 
(sometimes it helps to know trauma does not discriminate, and it's okay to need help)


Abuse Recovery & Suicidal Tendencies
Program Client Arizona

"I know how I was before working with you - I was suicidal. I felt hopeless despite the therapy.

After 2-3 sessions it was like a new life unfolded" 

Depression Results
Program Client Florida

"Jewelle thank you for investing in my life and guiding me to a happy, peaceful, healthy life of healing! You are incredible !! Your work is life changing and powerful. You deserve so much more for the help you give and the time and care you invest in me. If I ever win the lottery .... you'd be top of my list! 


(She also had me work with her 15 year old daughter)

Program Client Virginia

"For the first time in years, I feel in control of my self and life again. Getting my life back is just ... I didn't realize how far things had gone awry...My children are doing better too. Thank you Jewelle for helping me get here." ~S

Depression & Anxiety & CPTSD Results
Program Client FL

I received a friend request from Art of onward on instagram. It took me a few days to accept it because I just thought it was one of those “psychic mediums that want to read my cards” lol. Well I accept the request. Jewelle’s and I had a brief conversation and she told me a bit about what she does. Oddly enough; at that time I was separated but still living with my Narc husband. Well we had a huge argument and he moved out (best thing). I then found out that he was running a smearing campaign against me. I felt so lost, and angry. Depression started to creep up. I reached out to Jewelle and spoke very briefly with her. I felt so comfortable speaking with her and immediately wanted to do her 8 week program. 


Once I started the program within the first few weeks I started seeing changes in myself and my surroundings. I felt so empowered, strong, confident, motivated, and most importantly I started to find my voice! I got a promotion at work, money was coming into my life out of nowhere. I’ve learned to listen to my body and not ignore what my body is telling me. Learned to set boundaries and enforce them. The program helped me immensely. I finished the program in December of 2022 and since then my life has changed. I started my own LLC business in Private Investigation; helping others to seek the truth. Work has been great. My kids are flourishing as well. I thank God and the universe daily for aligning me with Jewelle. I truly don’t know where I would be had I not met her and done the program. Once a week I go back into my notes just as a refresher or to add new things. I highly recommend the program!! 


Thank you Jewelle!! ❤️❤️ 


Ana C.

Program Client Hawaii

Working with Jewelle has been transforming. I connected with her at a point in life where everything was falling apart. I knew I didn’t want to continue living the way I felt but couldn’t figure a way out.


It took a few months from our first consultation for me to accept her help. I was very resistant at first. She could probably tell by my demeanor that as badly as I wanted things to change, the thought of change itself was uncomfortable enough for me to push it away.


Once I was ready, I started RIM. The sessions were weird. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t know what to expect. It was uncomfortable. But after the first few sessions, I felt a change both mentally and physically. The process was like entering a blank room and knowing that there’s work to be done but you can’t see a thing. All you’re doing is walking in with a FEELING and working with that FEELING to make a change, rewrite your past, and create a new story.

At first, I felt intimidated by the workbook and daily affirmations as it consisted of exercises practicing kindness, grace, and confidence in myself. As someone who has always spoken negatively to and about myself, this was very uncomfortable. As time went on, it became more natural and easier.

At some point of my journey, I was also doing EMDR therapy with a local therapist in addition to the RIM sessions with Jewelle. The methodological approach felt too calculated as I had little to no memory of my childhood, which in turn made it more difficult to address the root of my issues. The tapping (physically tapping my body) associated with EMDR made it hard for me to relax and open up. I discontinued EMDR and stuck with RIM. 


Fast forward to over a year of working with Jewelle, I can confidently say that without her, I don’t know where I’d be. Not only is she gentle (which I needed) and knowledgeable, but she is also GENUINE.

Was it a lot of work? YES. Did I have to COMMIT to change? YES. Was it exhausting? Of course!....But was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.


I am constantly trying to better myself and still have path ahead of me, but I am so glad that I took the leap of faith. ~D 

Program Client Florida

So I was thinking of you because I was revisiting where I wanted to be a year from when I took your program. 

1. Find a great home church and get plugged in (check) 

2. Meet someone, fall in love and get married (check) 

3. Professional return to my Corporate work (check) 

4. Have my own home (check!) 

5. Lost weight (down 30 pounds !) 

In short - thank you! ~V

Program Client USA

"You are my Angel seriously you cannot believe how much I'm grateful for you."

Program Client USA

Thank you for everything and just being such a genuine human being. You've helped me so much to finally see myself. ~ S

Program Client Hawaii

Overall, RIM was very powerful and transformative once I was open to it. I struggled with a lot of emotional challenges and RIM helped me improve my quality of life without being too invasive. I still have a ways to go but starting this journey with Jewelle has helped lead me to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. ~ J

CPTSD & Self Worth
Program Client USA

When I agreed to try Jewelle's program, my self hatred was at an all time high. 

Although I was ready for the paradigm shift, it was her teachings that helped me finally escape the prison of my own mind and limiting beliefs. 

Her dedication to her clients is second to none, and she does it all from a place of compassion and empathy. You are always in a safe zone with Jewelle of no judgement and complete acceptance. 

Simply put, she gets it and knows how to help you make real and honest positive change in your life. ~ T.S. 

Program Client USA

Before you, I myself a therapist, did not connect things you have taught me. 

One thing - making changes and healing me on a cellular level by healing the backlog of trauma or stress I have been storing in my nervous system .... 

Considering all the pieces and including neuroscience has captured me ... I have never had these changes I had before. I am just now learning who I am and I think RIM® is the answer. Not EMDR, DBT, not being yelled at or having my thoughts twisted ... 

Let me just say I am truly grateful for you! 

And what you have opened me up to .... You are straight up magic. And I thank you. ~L

Self Worth & CPTSD Results
Program Client UK

My name is S, I am from the UK and work in the fast fashion industry. I am a natural empath and an introvert. I reached out to Jewelle in a moment of despair, I had faced real trauma and had escaped a really bad relationship. I had already gone through 2 separate talking therapy programmes which had not left me feeling how I wanted too. So I had real anticipation of 'will this work', 'is it going to be like therapy again? Clinical, reflecting heavily on the past, talking about the past over and over'?


Jewelle put me at ease instantly, explaining the programme, and the pivotal point for me was, yes we touch on the past but the focus is about me, moving forward and building a positive future! The exercises in the programme are key to a shift in mindset. I went from crying in week 1, unable to show myself on a weekly video call and associating myself with such negative beliefs, to week 7, a complete shift. I am much more positive and key for me, I know my worth! 


I am still on the journey with Jewelle and I am so glad of it. Since putting in the work I have had a promotion, I am much more positive and happier within myself, I am out of a toxic relationship which truly was destroying everything in my life and I am making positive decisions to set myself up with the life that I want and deserve.


Jewelle has been there for me along the way, tears of sadness, tears of joy, building me back up and I am SO grateful to have been on this journey with her. She has also really supported me alongside experiencing poor health. We may be in different countries but it has made no difference to the quality of support and guidance I have received. 


I would recommend reaching out to Jewelle, if you are ready to make a big change and put yourself first. In my situation, I left a narcissistic relationship and was at rock bottom, I would hugely recommend as it has helped me work through a lot of the trauma that i had experienced. I truly lost who I was, and I am back and on my journey. If you feel you have exhausted all routes (which is how I felt), reach out even if just for a chat to see if this could be for you!

Childhood Sexual Abuse & CPTSD Results
Program Client CO

"Perspective: I am about two weeks out of completing (finally completed something again without dipping out before the end ) an intense 8-week trauma coaching program. This program/woman gave me more in just 8 weeks than I had in years of talk therapy. I also completed this just a few days after turning 31. The biggest question I obviously keep hearing, "So how do you feel?" To answer this question is complicated, because I'm still learning every day. I am proud of myself. For the the first time in a very, very long time I can say that out loud and feel the

confidence from it. Hardest thing to accept and understand, honestly, I don't need to tell my story if I don't want to or just to prove the truth. I don't need to lay all my wounds out for others to hear/see in order to heal them. Little/teenage/young adult

Stefanie endured enough, and I am protecting her now. If I can connect or help you in any way, I reach out. That's just who I am and always will be. BUT all the other versions of "what happened" doesn't matter to me anymore or that some people have no idea all the things I'm talking

about……that's the freedoms people. I know I have been rambling a ton lately about my healing

journey, and I am NOT sorry!!" ~S #ptsdsurvivor #sexualassaultawareness #domesticviolencesurvivor #addiction #nicumom #traumarecovery

CPTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Anorexia, OCD Results
Program Client Hawaii

"I am L and I used to have a very messy emotional and mental life. I have struggled with complex PTSD, general anxiety disorder, anorexia nervosa, and OCD. I am always working, multiple jobs, making ends meet, with a crazy schedule. I am always busy and struggled with my disorders and mental state with horrible nightmares and emotional breakdowns constantly and so much more. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and found Jewelle's page and loved the posts she put up.

I followed her but was skeptical to try her program as I am just making ends meet and was a constant emotional mess in and out of all kinds of therapies. I have been in various therapies for most of my adult life, from EMDR to CBT to DBT and IRT, in-patient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient. I am a therapy queen you could say. YET, STILLLLLL struggled and was a mess. Jewelle reached out to me individually and set up a free phone call just to chat. I told her my therapy story and how I didn't think I could ever "be fixed" as therapy still was not working, and I felt like everything was futile. Jewelle's calming voice and demeanor and way about her really gave me hope, especially as she said that this was NOT therapy. RIM is different. My nightmares alone made me desperate to try anything to stop them (on a handful of meds every night, therapy, coping mechanisms and more), to no avail. Therefore, I decided to give RIM, but really, Jewelle, a try. Oh, my goodness. I was lying in bed this morning before getting up for one of my many jobs, and I nearly cried with joy. I realized that I was not having nightmares anymore. That can't be possible I thought, I have had nightmares from my various traumas for YEARS and YEARS, terrible, relentless, frightening, life wrecking nightmares. And they are GONE. I cannot believe it. It has been over a month since I finished working with Jewelle and I have been super busy, forgetting to do this review, but this morning when I realized I had no nightmares, I was elated. I recommend working with Jewelle because RIM really IS different than therapy. Yes, you have to make time in your busy schedule, but Jewelle is super flexible and kind.

I live in multiple time zones away from her, and yet was still able to work. I was able to come up with a payment plan with her that fit my life and did not stress me out. I am happier, healthier and more alive than I have been in years. My nightmares are gone, my relationships are good, my life is happy. WORK WITH JEWELLE. Your life will change for the better. I promise. But you must do the work to see the outcomes. It is work, it is hard, you will be exhausted after each session, but it is worth it. I have so much love and excitement for you as the next person who will have a brand new amazing fulfilled beautiful life. It sounds too good to be true. It does. And yes, therapy is good and blah blah, but RIM and Jewelle and the real deal. Do this. You will not regret it. God bless you!" ~L

Depression & Anxiety Results
Program Client UK

Hi, My name is Kate and I’m a scientist in physics and sole parent for two boys under 5yo and that is last 2 years. I’m 36 year old and I’m trauma survivor. My trauma was last past 36 years.  From one year I’m diagnosed with severe depression, PTSD and personal dissociation after being abuse by my narcissistic ex husband, abuse in every possible way you can imagine. I don’t trust people and more important I don’t trust myself. I was seeking help but non of CBT, CFT, EMDR or counselling was work. No one was understanding what I went through and I was treated like one of the others before me. I have suicidal thoughts past 2 years every day, every single day I feel that I haven’t got even that choice. I have 4yo at home who is acting like my ex husband and triggers me every day. That dark day I started writing with Jewelle but my brain and heart repeats to not trust her and Jewelle respected that. She heard mine fears, she seen how scared I’m and she was still there, for me, respected mine feeling and me. I will not lied I wanted gave up as I was scared to healing. I wanted but I was terrified. Jewelle offered me her time and now after 3 weeks I see that by baby steps I feel myself and I’m able to think! Yes I’m able to feel and think not run and fight. That is so amazing and so scared feeling at the same time but Jewelle is here for me to help. My and my sons life is changing it’s actually changing for better. My kids smile much more often, I’m able to stand up every morning from the bed and that is my choice! Yes, mine. I start enjoy my life, play with mine children, walk, food, and the most important I stopped feel freezing cold (that mine trauma respond) and I my suicidal thoughts decreased significantly. It’s worth to try, I see now that that was the best choice in my entire life.

Jewelle it’s amazing coach. She is warm, gentle, she listening and understand as she have her own experience of trauma. She is working with me, using mine speed and respect all what I’m going through as mine life wasn’t stopped. That is so important! Jewelle thank you so much, trust you was the best decision in my life. 



(Kate was also reporting her stats and these are her numbers within 4 weeks of the program: 

Depression 21 to 9 (PHQ-9 scale)

Anxiety 20 - 5 (GAD-7 scale)
Suicidal Thoughts 7/7 to 0/7

CPTSD, Addiction & Eating Disorder
Program Client USA

Wow, what an amazing journey. I am on Week 7 and have connected so many dots about my negative thoughts. I am learning the combination of authenticity and mindfulness. 

I feel happy for once and that void I always had is gone. My eating disorder is no longer a coping mechanism and neither is using drugs. I feel completely different. I can rely on myself for safety and making good decisions. 

Jewelle Zehr is a miracle worker and her positive energy is contagious. She is very intelligent

and real; she honestly can work magic in just one session. People spend thousands of dollars for years of therapy; pretty sure she can help with just one session that will make you want to come back for more She is the best and my time with her is life-changing. Do yourself a favor and give your mind, body and soul a chance to heal. 

Jewelle truly has a special ability to uncover the blockages you are facing and gently guides you through them with her intuitive awareness, overall knowledge and amazing energy. ~B

A little note from Jewelle

Hi again, if any of these outcomes are some you are looking for, you are craving, and you deep down think you've tried everything and there is no hope. 


Take Hope. Here. Now.

Every one of my clients has warned me in our first session, I'm the one this won't work for. And I smile and we begin. And within a week, the changes we implement in that first session already appear. 

I get wanting to just give up. If everything else hasn't worked, why would this. 

All I can say is read the above testimonials, and know there are many more I haven't added here.


When you're ready to talk, let's set up a time. You and I can talk and see if I am the right person to help you on your journey. If not, I know a lot of beautiful coaches who may be a fit for you. 

 Whatever you do, please keep taking that next breath, one after the other, and do get help.

You are so very worth the effort.


Facilitating Inspired
Healing & Transformation
after Trauma and Abuse


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