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refresh & rejuvenate

An All Day Personalized to you VIP Experience to rejuvenate and replenish your YOU

In your Personalized VIP Day you'll experience:

These results are in addition to your own Personalized Requests

Facilitated by  Jewelle Zehr
Founder of the Art of Onward 
Trauma Recovery & Transformation Coach
RIM® Facilitator 

Jewelle is a certified coach and RIM® Facilitator, coaching her clients to heal and rebuild their lives after Trauma while they undergo a deep transformation within to live a life of inspired purpose and renewed spirit. 

No stranger to healing from Trauma herself, Jewelle coaches with intuitive and compassionate guidance, meeting each client where they're at. 

Jewelle's clients experience significant decrease in depression, anxiety, and other trauma responses. She uses RIM® to facilitate life long healing. 

VIP Days are for you if

* you are feeling sluggish in your deepest self 

* you've noticed triggers pop up you thought you'd healed

* you've done the healing work but feel like something's lurking beneath the surface

* you feel more tired and lethargic than is normal  

* you just need a boost 

* you find yourself procrastinating 

* you think you might be self sabotaging

* you're going back to habits you thought you'd left behind

* something just feels off

* regrets and self doubt are keeping you from your dreams

* you lack feeling safe and at peace 

* your life is missing that spark you're craving 

*VIP Days are not recommended for you if you're just embarking on your trauma healing journey. I recommend the 1on1 coaching program in order to properly nurture your nervous system. 
**VIP Days are not for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness, bipolar (manic depression), suffer from psychosis, schizophrenia and/or paranoia or for anyone in active addiction. 

what to expect
on your VIP


Think of this as a one day retreat designed specifically for you. 

Prior to your day, you and I will communicate about your needs, about what's not working for you right now and any other specific concerns you'd like to address on your day. 


Your VIP day will consist of 2 hours in the morning, a lunch break and another 3 hours in the afternoon. We will begin the day with a short meditation I will choose based on our previous conversation. 

This day is all about YOU and what you need. We will meet over Zoom, which allows you to be in a safe and quiet place of your choosing. 

If you would like to have a friend or spouse join you in your VIP day, we can accommodate in our planning. 


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Facilitating Inspired
Healing & Transformation
after Trauma and Abuse


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