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Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body.

Hi, and welcome!  

As a part of most healing journeys, physical or emotional (aren't they the same thing ... but that's another conversation...) meditations have been proven to be especially beneficial in many areas. From hypertension to trauma recovery, most of us have embraced a regular meditation practice. 




A few reasons for this: 

1. you can do these while sitting in traffic or doing any other kind of activity (less excuses available of "no time") - eyes open


2. hearing the statements is powerful and valuable. Repeating them out loud with your own voice allows your nervous system and subconscious to receive the information on a deeper level. 

Here's my thought on this: those cruel voices we hear throughout the day (60 000 thoughts a day) often use our own voice to trick us into thinking they are truth. They are NOT. By using your own voice in return to replace those messages, you are nurturing your truth much faster and much more effectively than just listening to someone else's voice. 

My coaching clients do the Self Love Boost Statements followed by the Optimist Creed every day. Maybe twice a day. Give it a try, and see if my logic on this concept works for you too. 

*Traditional Meditation is extremely effective and powerful. I use it daily. These are not meant to replace your regular practice. Rather they are here to amp up your inner belief system and accelerate your transformation. 

*Only the meditations marked as "interactive" have the feature of space segments for you to fill in with your own voice. All others are traditional style. 

*DEEP SLEEP MEDITATION: please only use this when you are safe to fall asleep. I've had some people tell me some not so funny stories of them doing this one at inopportune times. It is not meant for relaxation, but for actual sleep. 


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Healing & Transformation
after Trauma and Abuse


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