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the Power of RIM®

I came across RIM® quite by accident. I was working with a set of coaches to help build my program when was offered a "breakthrough" session to remove limiting beliefs and provide me with a deeper sense of confidence in my self and my work. 

Wow, did I get more than that. 

If you're looking for a safe, highly effective way to remove the emotional anchors from childhood traumas or even just want to get to the source of limiting beliefs or that feeling that 'something just isn't right', you've come to the right place.

Benefits of RIM® 
Safely Activate Your Emotional Operating System to Experience an Energetic Reboot

The experience of RIM® - a technique that allows you to directly communicate with your unconscious, intuitive mind.  


It is a gentle, profoundly effective process that navigates between Mind and Body … Head and Heart for greater vitality, success and happiness.  It releases your extraordinary inner resources to lift your spirit and inspire effortless action!


As an unprecedented inner technology for the 21st century, RIM®:


☀️Re-verses regrets 

✨Improves the quality of decision making

☀️Releases physical symptoms 

✨Rekindles a felt experience of inherent wholeness

☀️Resolves conflict with others

✨Neutralizes painful memories

☀️Uncovers an internal sense of comfort, safety and ease 

✨Reveals compelling images that empower you

☀️Integrates successful future outcomes for effortless action

✨Dissolves hidden emotional beliefs/feelings causing subconscious self-sabotaging 


✨✨✨ Significantly shortens the time and energy for emotional and physical healing


* RIM is NOT for people who have a mental illness, especially if their condition interrupts their ability to discern reality, such as psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar (manic depression) and/or paranoia.


RIM® is validated by the latest neuro-science findings.  In research specifically applying RIM techniques, participants had a significant reduction in the hallmark symptoms of stress-related illness and experienced a significant increase in their quality of life.   


Each session is complete and independent of other sessions, and offer a complete piece of work.   Many Clients decide to have a series of 3-5 sessions to reinforce and accelerate session changes into a new way of living.  


Physical healing of chronic illness may require more frequent, ongoing sessions.  A RIM® session is generally 1-2 hours long, which includes time for us to talk briefly before and after the process.  You will sit or recline in a comfortable position and become relaxed with your eyes closed, yet awake and consciously interacting without physical contact between us.  In the weeks following your session, you can revisit the new self-affirming images and sensations to further integrate the changes into your body, mind and life.



Safely Activate Your Emotional Operating System to Experience an Energetic Reboot.

In these sessions you will


    •    Be guided through a deeply moving experience that brings greater awareness to an issue of concern, setting the stage for you to resolve it through a shift in emotional attachment


    •    Expand the limits of what you thought was possible to heal


    •    Recover your inherent, childlike joy, and the pure state of awareness in which you were born


    •    Fall in love with your life and find peace within yourself

I am now offering packages of 3 or 5 at a discount. 

(these sessions will be held about one to two weeks apart as mutual schedules permit) 


Sessions are 1-2 hours in length including conversation prior and after. 


Facilitating Inspired
Healing & Transformation
after Trauma and Abuse


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