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Meet Stacey

Stacey lives in the UK and had worked with talk therapy several times prior to our work together

Meet Stacey

My name is Stacey, I am from the UK and work in the fast fashion industry. I am a natural empath and an introvert. I reached out to Jewelle in a moment of despair, I had faced real trauma and had escaped a really bad relationship. I had already gone through 2 separate talking therapy programmes which had not left me feeling how I wanted too. So I had real anticipation of 'will this work', 'is it going to be like therapy again? Clinical, reflecting heavily on the past, talking about the past over and over'?

Jewelle put me at ease instantly, explaining the programme, and the pivotal point for me was, yes we touch on the past but the focus is about me, moving forward and building a positive future! The exercises in the programme are key to a shift in mindset. I went from crying in week 1, unable to show myself on a weekly video call and associating myself with such negative beliefs, to week 7, a complete shift. I am much more positive and key for me, I know my worth!

I am still on the journey with Jewelle and I am so glad of it. Since putting in the work I have had a promotion, I am much more positive and happier within myself, I am out of a toxic relationship which truly was destroying everything in my life and I am making positive decisions to set myself up with the life that I want and deserve.

Jewelle has been there for me along the way, tears of sadness, tears of joy, building me back up and I am SO grateful to have been on this journey with her. She has also really supported me alongside experiencing poor health. We may be in different countries but it has made no difference to the quality of support and guidance I have received.

I would recommend reaching out to Jewelle, if you are ready to make a big change and put yourself first. In my situation, I left a narcissistic relationship and was at rock bottom, I would hugely recommend as it has helped me work through a lot of the trauma that i had experienced. I truly lost who I was, and I am back and on my journey. If you feel you have exhausted all routes (which is how I felt), reach out even if just for a chat to see if this could be for you!" ~ Stacey

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