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Trust is Like Grass

Trust is like grass, it grows a little at a time, but when stepped on, it is crushed in an instant. 

Trust is a gift. A shiny, beautiful, and rare gift we give those special few in our lives.  And when we receive it from others, it needs to be nourished and nurtured - like an infant child. We must build it from the ground up in every one of our relationships - from business to personal, to our family. 

Trust is a most treasured offering and must be guarded. 

I recently found myself repeating a phrase I used in therapy nearly three years ago now, only about someone else this time: 

She's like an inviting, iced cupcake.  It's just that when I bite in, I don't know if it's hiding a razor blade. 

Yes, that's what happens when trust is broken, it cuts deep and fast.  It hurts and bleeds. Can cause sleep pattern interruptions, anxiety, depression ... 

Broken Trust can cause deep emotional trauma, depending on how deeply we entrusted our hearts and minds - and lives - to that person. 

Today's post is short - it is a reminder to see Trust as the Gift it is. Let's not take it for granted, let's remember to nourish it, protect it, guard it.  It may not be back for a long time, if ever.  If you receive it from anyone in your life, you are among a chosen few, offering you the privilege to show up and be the person you need to be. The person you want to be, are purposed to be.  

Today I leave you with an excerpt from my book: a story about broken trust. 

So much Love and Healing to each of you! 


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