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Permission for a Love Break & 6 Ways to Deepen their Impact

Hi! I JUST got off a live video in my Facebook Group, Heal and Rebuild after Trauma, where I shared a concept I've been implementing since the "30 Days to Greater Confidence" event last summer (July/August '23) and finally NAMED this morning!

Okay quick step back.

Wayyy back when my daughters were young (they're all grown up now and out of the house), I would randomly interrupt what was happening for us to take what I call a "Love Break". It was hugs and kisses and verbal words of love and affection time, and the best parts of the day for me. Like a coming back to center, reminding us all what really matters, and that we are more than whatever it is we're working on - be it homework or coloring ... yes, I'm reminiscing ... 🥹

These Love Breaks offered physical connection throughout the days as well as the opportunity to remind my daughters how special they are and how much I love them.

I wouldn't trade those moments for anything.

Now that they're out of the house, I have two pugs, and find myself repeating this concept with them. Just a quick kiss while they're napping, a caress on their heads or backs. I whisper an I love you, you're such a good puppy, and move on with my day.

In my marriage - my husband and I have been married three and a half years now, so still very new - we both find ourselves initiating love breaks, a hug and a kiss and an I love you, at random points throughout the days via text message and when we're sharing space in the evenings and weekends. Reminders like these are key to me.

The thing is, these love breaks don't have to take a long time. They're quick, grounding, moments of expressing love, gratitude and affirmation.

Alright, that's the background, let's return to today.

I was musing this morning, as I often do during my coffee hour(s) when I ask for inspiration, direction and guidance for the day, and realized I could finally name the concept I'd been practicing since last summer.

And the question is this: Why only choose to implement these moments with others? What if we implemented them for ourselves throughout the day?

(btw, if you're interested in the 30 Days to Greater Confidence Course, it is available in the Healing &. Empowerment Hub for Trauma Survivors membership. I'll add the link below if you'd like to join (it's still only $20/month and the value is proving to be VERY impactful for this beautifully supportive community.

The concept is to set a reminder on your phone at least 3 times a day. Have it repeat every day, and pop up somewhere in the middle of regular working hours. When the reminder pops up on your phone, you offer yourself a Love Break. Sounds easy, right? Simple setup, and easy implementation.

Here are some ideas for these Love Breaks to make them extra powerful:

  1. Take a deeper breath than you have been, slow exhale. During the inhale, breathe in love. On the exhale, breathe out whatever is feeling heavy right now.

  2. Take a moment to stretch your back, neck, shoulders. And breathe.

  3. Celebrate the most challenging thing you've done so far today. You'll be amazed at the increased inspiration and motivation after just this simple practice of appreciation.

  4. Coming back to center, notice how you're feeling right now. Ask yourself if you'd like to choose differently to change either stress, fear, sadness, overwhelm - really anything that is calling your attention in this moment.

  5. If you have a minute - yes, about 60 seconds - you can do the Self Love Boosting Interactive Meditation here and really use this minute to strengthen the inner life of your you.

  6. If you're like me, you'll take a few moments to head outside, connect with nature, and feel the sunshine on your face for a few minutes. (which is what I was doing when I realized these daily appointments with myself were actually Love Breaks in a different variation)

Whatever you do during these moments, be sure to have it be a loving moment for your you. And then take another moment for those around you. It's the concept of filling your own cup first so you don't find yourself pouring out of an empty jug.

This is SUCH a life giving practice. I hope you try it, and I wonder, what would you like to add to your Love Breaks? How do you nurture your you throughout the days? Or do you tend to get preoccupied and focused elsewhere, like I do? (which is why I chose to set reminders for myself, or I will forget guaranteed)

Sending Courage and Strength as always,

with Love

~ Jewelle

If you would like to connect with me on IG @Jewelle_Boldt_Zehr and @artofonward

If you're on a healing journey after trauma, I would love to welcome you to the Facebook group!

If you're looking for added support in a group setting, joining the Healing & Empowerment Hub is a great idea for you. You'll have access to the 30 Days to Greater Confidence as well as weekly coaching sessions and monthly group RIM® sessions.

I still offer my 8 week program in a 1:1 setting, where we jump right in, no bandaids, no mere coping strategies, but actual healing work. These session are held over Zoom, and it's just you and I, taking it from wherever you're at right now. Feel free to book a call with me for us to see if we're a good match to get you the results you're looking for.

You can also email me at


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