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May I Speak Freely? (the new epidemic I see)

Over the past year, we have all experienced so many changes. Am I right? Between the emergent isolation and quarantine days, the disinfectants and the masks .... it's been a year no one expected, to say the very least. But you've heard all this before from every writer out there, so I'd like to take a look at the more subtle changes I've been noticing.

For myself, even more changes were added to the pandemic pandemonium. You see, I finally sold my house, got married and moved to Indiana. From a major city like Calgary, to a small city in the midwest.

Talk about change.

But there's more change I'm noticing. I've been observing, as I slowly become accustomed to life here, what humanity is like now.

Different, right?. Have you felt it too?

So many of us banded together during this pandemic. We supported each other in whatever way we could, and stepped up. And a lot of us, have not.

For myself, I amped up my coaching for people out there, and put even more heart and soul into my Facebook group: Rebuilding your Life after Trauma. (yes you are very welcome to join us there!)

I could feel the panic of people not used to being by themselves.

The fear that set in, the unknown, the shock of it all. For those with already delicate nervous systems, this pandemic threw them right back into a trauma state.

Self sufficiency was put to a major test. Around the world. Basic survival of the fittest - or fastest (to the grocery store...).

People were afraid. And angry. The loss of control and freedoms really hit hard.

The fight/flight/freeze thing kicked in everywhere.

Living rooms were throbbing with anxiety as hearts raced with all the emotions. Alone.

Domestic violence surged to soul crushing numbers.

Depression and Anxiety have become a dangerous byproduct - the true epidemic now.

And you know what isn't helping? This air of selfishness. This whole needing to survive on our own has translated into such a level of "me first" that my heart aches. So many took the opportunity to help and band together, but not everyone. And now I see this state of survival we as humanity were thrust into has resulted in this: Me. First.

People who used to be warm and kind are now focused primarily on their own wellbeing. Even our delicate planet has taken a back seat to this epidemic.

Self sufficiency and basic survival has turned into self absorbedness. The air itself is drenched with this deep need to be satisfied, at any cost. Every man for himself.

Now there's a trauma response.

And, by necessity, I think. It started with a few people and the rest of us really had to follow suit, in order to care for our families.

Do we blame the toilet paper shortage? Do we blame how the media handled it all with the fear mongering?

Doesn't really matter, does it. We are here now. Global Trauma Response of basic survival.

Where does this mindset take us then? What if we don't make the changes within ourselves soon, what does humanity look like in five years? Or ten? I can't help but shiver at the thought.

This is the result of humans being pitted against each other. This is what happens when we are forced to shy away from each other: six feet minimum. And everyone's a potential carrier - aka a potential enemy. And yes, I know it was necessary up until now. But as we begin to reopen establishments and business, let's also remember to reopen our hearts.

I truly believe we can get our soul back, my friends.

*We can show compassion.

*We can love each other again.

When we implement these two simple changes, the lights can turn back on, and we can begin to heal from this past year together. Globally.

Sending Courage for your journey, this is a bit more than any of us expected. But with love and compassion, we can absolutely do this in a healing way.




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