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Trapped by Trauma

Hi and welcome to the Art of Onward. My name is Jewelle and I'm so happy to be welcoming you here. It is my deep wish you find inspiration and encouragement for your journey.

This past week I've been ruminating on the effects of being Trapped in the Permanence of Trauma.

It began with a metaphor, as it so often does for me:

The snow came down by the inches. The temperatures dropped and I was fully reminded, it's winter. My least favorite time of the year. You see, I thrive on the serenity and beauty of nature. It has such an invigorating and yes, healing effect, on my spirit. Perhaps, as a Canadian, I've accustomed myself to the facts of winter and snow and cold, but I'm a summer kind of a girl, windows open and fresh breezes on a warm day. Throw in the ocean or any body of water, and now I'm at my most content, vibrant, creative, alive.

Back to that moment of icy temperatures and accumulating snow. My first thought was to check the weather forecast and see when relief was scheduled to arrive.

I needed hope.

I needed to know there was an end to this.

I also needed to know for just how long I would need to brace myself before going outside and bundle up with extra layers.

I needed an End Date. Hope.