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Strengthening Our Roots

Hello! And Welcome back to the Art of Onward! I'm so glad you're here!

It's been five months, nearly to the day, since my last post.

(This sounds like a confessional, doesn't it)

During this time, I've come to a new chapter in my life. It's been quite the journey, with U-turns abounding, and disappointing, even heartbreaking, frustrations. I allowed myself this time to contemplate and permitted myself an abundance of introspection, as I ask the Divine daily (many times a day, honestly) for inspiration, strength and help.

Imagine a tree. It is at best a teenaged tree. Winter comes. The tree has roots running deep and its branches are delicate, but stronger than they first appear to the casual eye. One day, a winter storm comes blowing and spilling heavy, wet snow, on to those branches.

There had been some spring weather just before this onslaught from the skies, and leaves were already peeking out at the warming sun. The tree was too excited about the warming sun and breezes, and when the winds and snow returned, it simply can't hold it.

The main trunk breaks under the weight. The sun isn't warm enough to melt the suffocating snow.

Should the tree be cut down? Replaced?

The choice is made to keep the tree, trim the damage and allow it to heal. That summer, a branch much further down the trunk took the lead. It grew up and up, around the broken trunk, and now, several years later, that tree reaches twenty feet toward the sky, abundant with branches filled with leaves and has grown to be a welcoming beacon to the birds.

It provides oxygen and, therefore, life, from each leaf. It has the ability to host wildlife within its branches, and its shade provides shelter for anyone who needs a break from the hot sun, or cold rain.

The tree has matured, the roots have continued on their predestined path to reach for nourishment below the surface. Its reach into the sky a beautiful show of resilient splendor to all.

Have you ever wrapped your hands around the trunk of a tree? Have you felt that life's energy flow? That energy is a direct flow of exchange between the roots and the tree we see above ground.

Our lives, when rooted securely, can withstand the U-Turns in life. Sometimes it feels like we've been running straight at a brick wall only to crash, stumble from the bounce, and land on our backs.

When we fully u