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Words Can Crush


Hi and Welcome Back to the Art of Onward! I'm so happy and grateful you are here. I pray that, via these posts, my journey insights, and my telling of them, is of service to you as you travel your path.

During one of my client coaching sessions this past week, my heart was filled with such joy to hear that her healing journey is now allowing new friendships in to her life. You see, when we begin to take the reigns on the inner voices we accept throughout the days, and we begin to re-establish our worth from the inside as opposed to exterior influences, a beautiful change begins to occur. Not only do we feel it, as this confidence grows exponentially, but the world around us does as well.

Like pottery, our subconscious is crafted by the words we receive. And we choose their message.

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If you're just beginning your healing journey, please know my heart goes out to you and I'm sorry you have been hurt. This world can be crushing, and the ones we love and trust the most can also be the best positioned to hurt us deeply.

If you are experiencing the first shocks after a trauma, please remember this is your time, and you can take as much as you like. There is no rushing the process of recovery, so feel my love and even more so, the love of the Divine, surrounding you this very moment and holding you safe in just the right way.

Please feel free to contact me directly, if you feel alone, isolated, or if it feels like all that is good has turned its back on you.

It has not. You are loved always. Forever.

A few of my favourite healing moments included in a number of posts earlier on in this blog sequence, are:

*walk barefoot in the grass outside

(the earth actually pulls negative ions out via your bare feet, so it not only feels good and grounding, it is also physically healing)


(this is harder to do than it sounds. Stay with me for a moment and breathe in, counting to 8 in your mind, hold your breath for 4, then exhale slowly through your mouth while counting to 8 again) Repeat this when anxiety strikes, repeat this when you feel like you can't stand another second of the moment you're in. Breathe like this for 5 minutes, and feel your nervous system calming down and your clarity return bit by bit)


(good for body and mind, walking is good for your physical heart, your spiritual heart and your mind. Walking releases serotonin in to your body, and will allow you to feel a little better, while also bringing fresh oxygen to your bloodstream)


(sounds simple, I know. If you're weeping throughout the day, try to remember to replenish your body's water content. Cold or hot, the water is essential and will keep the bags under your eyes from puffing up too much as well - if you can add lemon to your water, you'll also be getting Vitamin C and a powerful anti-oxidant)

*interrupt the nasty voice

(yes you know exactly the one. The one who's trying to tell you this is your fault, there is something wrong with you, you aren't .... enough, you did something to provoke this ... any of those messages need to stop right at the get-go. Don't let them take place in your mind or body. They are lies. And you deserve the truth, which is You Are Enough, You Do Deserve Good, You Can Not Cause someone else to do what they do)

** please download the "Self Love Boost Statements", print them and read them out loud to yourself at least twice a day. (This will also subscribe you to notifications on upcoming blog posts for Art of Onward)

Words are powerful. They will build. They will crush. Choose yours wisely as you accept messages in to your conscious mind, they will filter in to your subconscious if not halted and replaced with truth.

A few days ago I had a conversation with someone very close to me, who decided to disregard my purpose, my passions, and crushed me with her words of misdirection. Had I not learned how to be confident in my worth, in the Divine within me and His ultimate voice and guidance in my life, I may have been tempted to accept the message as I have many other times in my life.

Words Affect Us All

This time, I did not. Because I know who and where I need to be, and what I am meant to bring to this world.

I challenge us all to remember this: our words matter. The ones we accept and the ones we pass out. We can build. Or we can crush. We can encourage. We can disrupt. Words are Powerful and must be respected and carefully filtered.

And with that, I wish you a week of strength, of honour, of love, of healing, and of joy.


As Always, if you know someone who is hurting, please share this with them.

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