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Inhale Healing & Exhale Your Pain

Hi my Beautiful Readers! I'm excited to share this simple and instant healing strategy with you today! I've used a video format (at the end of this post) to walk you through exactly how and why I do this every day. The great news? Well, you can do this anywhere and you will instantly feel your stress decrease!

As I learn healing strategies through my own journey of recovery, I find myself sharing these with friends who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other emotional attacks, and have been so encouraged when these concepts work for others too!

This exercise, Inhaling Love and Life and Exhaling the Pain, has become my go-to first line of defense. Since I had my melon sized cyst removed in an emergency surgery back in December'15, my understanding of the mind/body connection has really led to a heightened awareness of the impact of grief and stress on our physical selves.

I don't mention this in the video, but first ALL emotions need to be honored, nurtured, processed and journeyed through. We, as spiritual beings, do not get to simply disregard the feelings we are presented with. No matter how painful, we must work through them. They will not be denied. Every feeling deserves to be received by us, and we need to give each one the time and energy required. If we do not, they will only return later.

This video describes how we can begin to replace them with Love and Life in our bodies as a physical healing in addition to the spiritual healing we seek.

When I begin to feel overwhelmed by one or many of these overpowering emotions, I do this breathing exercise of accepting the gift of Love and Life, and surrendering that which is no longer serving me. I have found it helps to calm my heart rate, lowers my stress levels, and restores a sense of peace to my mind and body.

I hope this breathing exercise can bring healing and peace to your mind and body, too.

Big Healing Breath ...


Using my Story to Inspire Yours

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