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Daily, Tiny Steps Toward Our Future

Welcome back to the Art of Onward! I'm so glad you found your way here, and hope you will find this, and my other posts, carefully curated to be a gentle guidance to healing and moving forward in tiny steps, helpful.

The mind does not accept BIG changes easily. Generally, this causes a stress signal in our nervous system, resulting in a fight or flight - or freeze, as in my case - response. Now add the pre-existing condition of depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and anxiety in to the equation, and those huge life challenges have turned in to planetary sized, insurmountable obstacles. We melt at the very hint of a thought of them.

Mountain Lake Picture I took this weekend - So Peaceful

So we walk gently, taking one step forward when we can, and do our best not to judge ourselves when we feel like we're falling back by leaps. Because judging ourselves only hurts us, and those we love.

We stretch a healing muscle one day, and find ourselves curled up in a ball the next. This is a natural progression of healing. These are "normal" if you will.

There's very little use in jumping ahead of our progress, very little long term benefit to skipping much needed baby steps.

May has been set aside as Mental Health Awareness Month in the US since 1949. Every year new research is accomplished, every year more appropriate avenues of help. I am deeply grateful the awareness for mental health needs is expanding.

And I am deeply touched with the massive need I see growing in our society. According to statistics, depression is at an all time high, and we as individuals are more lonely than ever, as we try to make sense of our own lives, what our life means to us and to the world, and how we can cope with the day to day stresses while finding our journey toward deep, inner wholeness and healing.

After my studies in the areas of relationships, trauma survival, self love and awareness, neural health, and my life coaching certificate training, coupled with my own trial and error journey toward healing, I have decided to build a daily mentoring and healing program, taking participants through a SAFE progression toward healing.

LIFE SQUARED - I'll be sending more previews and information on the program your way via email. In the meantime, I'm working hard to make this the strongest healing guide it can be based on my studies and research, wrapped in compassionate safety and understanding, as I take your hand and journey with you.

True Healing Recovery is more than just treating symptoms. Recovery includes Rebuilding.

I remember trying to find help online when I was just starting my recovery, and I could not find what I needed. I was lonely, felt isolated, was in a freeze state, couldn't even leave the house, and hunted online. It wasn't until a year and a half in that I was able to find the courses I did, which, combined, brought me to where I am today.

It is my honor to combine them all, and offer them to you in a step by step, manageable process, so you don't have to hunt around like I did.

This blog, and LIFE SQUARED, are the reason I worked to receive my Life Coach Certification. When I met with my Life Coach, she explained it perfectly: