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Hi All! Hope you had a great week - I'm so glad you've returned to this blog. I hope you share this with at least one person this week who you believe can benefit from my story, and the things I've learned, that I share with you here. Depression, Trauma, Stress are all so isolating and lonely, perhaps I can be of service with lifting some of that loneliness ... Thank You all for your support. It means the world to me.

In one of the life changing courses I'm taking, the discussion mentioned this concept:

Seek New Answers

I had to write that down, I was so inspired. How often do we feel like the same answers, the same advice, the same response, even cliches sometimes, are all we find, when all we really want is something we HAVEN'T yet tried, or thought about.

Seeking New Answers is great advice. But how do we get there?

A few ideas that come to mind are:

~ Divine Inspiration: Ask and it shall be given unto you. (more on this at the end of this list)

~ Expanding our Outlook - when we look further than our current radius, we will see more. It's a basic law. Not easy, no, but simple in its logic.

~ Change the direction of our walk. Choose a different path, and possibly find something new as a result (bit of a gamble, in my opinion ... but frequently is quite effective)

~ Hunt for new perspectives, via books, blogs (hi!) or good old fashioned conversation.

But let's go now to where I want to take you ... it's time to


Tired of journeying in circles? Tired of the same old outcome everywhere you turn?

Then it's time, my friend.

Time to sit down, and start brain dumping ideas of what questions you haven't yet asked.

Time to make a change, and start asking people we haven't asked yet.

Time to ASK THE DIVINE. "Ask and it shall be given unto you." We've heard it before, and here it is, just as we are hunting for that new perspective, new idea, new healing concept, new level of awareness.

My strongest recommendation is ask the Divine something DIFFERENT.

Here are a few ideas - to inspire your thought structure:

1. Asking for more CashFlow vs. Asking what can I create that will fill the need of someone out there that will also help my bank account to regain a new balance

2. Asking for a deeper connection with our Loved Ones vs. Asking what I'm holding back that is keeping these relationships at their current status quo

3. Asking why I'm so tired all the time vs. Asking to find my life purpose that will fire me with so much energy I can't wait to get to it.

4. Asking why that promotion passed me by vs. Asking how I can make myself indispensable, and being a person of increase wherever I go. Because Increase will certainly be returned to me.

Those are a few concepts you may want to explore to regain some of your momentum in life. Oftentimes we look for the answers out in the world when the true responsibility, and our solutions, are within our, and only our, power to change. The world can not serve you more than you serve it. And it's time we stop asking it to, but instead ASK THIS NEW QUESTION: What can I do to serve the world?

It's a simple turnaround, but a huge shift in thought and life pattern - and ultimate result.

Focus on what you can be, do, serve, following your life purpose, and try to keep yourself from doing life for the sake of its returns.

I leave you with this suggestion:

Ask the Divine for Wisdom, It will be Given to You. Guaranteed. It has been promised.

Seek new Answers. Ask New Questions.

Have a great week!

~ Jewelle

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