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No Longer Afraid of Fear

Hi and welcome back to the Art of Onward!

It's been a few weeks since I've written here, and it feels great to return to you all.

Originally I had set September aside to be an exploration of the various aspects of forgiveness, and I'm going to bring that sequence to you soon, in a full month format because there's so much to explore there, but as you know, I meditate and pray over these posts for days before I write them, and I've been strongly led to talk with you about FEAR this week.

Perhaps because these past few weeks in my own life have primarily been about stepping past fear again and again. Stepping past, stumbling over, crawling under, pushing through.

Fear has had every opportunity to halt me in my tracks these past few weeks.

I'll explain with a few tidbits:

As they say, the only constant in life is change. And isn't that ultimately a beautiful element of life! As long as there is change, there is growth. I've always believed this to be true.

Most of you know I'm in the story telling and entertainment business as well - why?

Because I love story. It is powerful. It expands consciousness, it inspires. Studying the power of story is a great way to examine the value of change. Next show or movie you watch, notice that when a character discontinues their willingness to change/grow/evolve, they disappear from the story line. Change is key to having a character be interesting and valuable to the story.

And so it is with life as well.

Once we stop changing, we are stuck in the dark of maintaining current status quo. Like Feet in Mud.

A few weeks ago I wrote a trilogy sequence about Conquering Resistance - What does Resistance enjoy coming at us with? FEAR OF CHANGE.

Because Change equals Growth.

But knowing this doesn't really make it that much easier, does it? Fear can be debilitating, if we allow it to take hold.

A few weeks ago it was time to drop my youngest daughter off at University. A million miles away. Or so it feels. She's all the way on the East Coast, and we now have a 3 hour time difference.