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Let's Dance!

Hi and welcome back to the Art of Onward!

I'm going to get straight into our thought journey today. Ready? Okay, let's go!

It's been a week I tell you! Some big stressors were plunked right into the lap of my family. My children's father landed in the hospital with excruciating pain caused by an affliction we have yet to identify. MRI's, X-ray's, bloodwork - now four days in hospital, and still no concrete answers. And all of us on different ends of the continent, so there he is, by himself.

Fortunately in-laws and parents have visited to keep him some company, but even they live 3 hours away and have returned home, leaving him alone in the hospital without any real answers or release date to look forward to. It's not easy to fend for yourself in hospitals, especially when on pain killers.

I had another experience this weekend that was a close brush with evil. It took the remainder of the day to recuperate.

A family member passed away, and between her and my good friend who passed a few weeks ago, the reality of being so far away and unable to support and grieve in the company of others, can be a bit bone crushing.

So it's been a week!

How's your week been? Do you have circumstances that are pulling your emotional well being from where it wants to be? Are you struggling with finding ways to recalibrate somehow and feel right again, inside and out?

Prayer and meditation are usually ways to reset my heart and mind. It's not always instant, and sometimes requires inspirational reading. And there's the breathing exercises I have written about frequently here, for anxiety and stress relief.

The next step I take is to see what kind of value I can provide to the world - take the focus off myself. But honestly, if our own self isn't filled, that's not a really viable go-to either.

I was working my way through these processes, when my daughter sent me the most amazing gift I could have received that evening.

A song! One we used to dance around the living room to when my daughters were young, and sing at the top of our lungs. Or we'd belt it out in the car on the way to school.

The timing was perfect. She said we all needed to take a little break and listen to the song. So I did. Next thing I knew, I was dancing through the living room, singing this song as loud as I could. And then the next. And another. I didn't want to stop, so I didn't! And slowly I began to feel myself again, tears of release streaming down my face, my two pug dogs staring worriedly at me (haha), and I just danced - and sang - it out.

Better. So much better.

All the issues and stressors were still there. I knew they were still there. But I had given myself - well, my daughter actually gave me - a break from the weight of it all.

Better. So much better!

I am sharing this with you because I feel this serves as a great reminder for us all. A few reminders, actually:

~ life doesn't have to be perfect for us to carve out a little joy for ourselves

~ sometimes it takes a conscious effort to choose to find our joy

~ music touches us in deeply spiritual ways, let's remember to notice those moments when we will benefit from its therapeutic elements (and perhaps have a playlist ready for just such a time)

~ moving our bodies when we feel emotionally stuck can really help us bridge to a healthier inner life

~ moving our bodies helps relieve the tension we are inadvertently holding on to

~ singing! Singing felt amazing!

Dancing it out won't work every time, but it really helped me the other night. Let's give ourselves permission to take a break from the weights in our lives, and return stronger as a result.

So much love to you all! Have a great week!

~ Jewelle

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