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Crossing the Line of Fear

Talking about Fear! Again. I know. We've discussed it before, but the thing about Fear is, it keeps sneaking back in, doesn't it. And it manifests itself in all sorts of ways.

Perhaps we find ourselves isolating, either physically or emotionally, from relationships or situations.

Perhaps we find ourselves stuck in the same cycles of status quo, no matter how hard we try to break through to the next level.

I learned a great phrase this past week:

Fear is the Boundary between the Now, and What Is, and the There, and What Could Be.

It's like a little 'country of you' border line. And the lines are absolutely ready to be crossed. There is more life out there! For all of us! And yet somehow our choices keep us within the boundaries of our Now.

This visual really enlightened me this past week. When I get that little flutter of wariness, or hear that little voice telling me to stay put, I visualize a little string. And I see myself stepping over it.

The simplicity of this makes stepping outside that zone of comfort so doable! It's a step. The same as all the others, only that this one crosses over that little string.

Mine is red. What color is yours?

Mine is not even a rope, it's a line of knitting wool. How thick is yours? What is it made of? What texture is it?

Perhaps defining it visually in this way will allow us all to step past it more easily. Of course you can step over a rope! Or a string of any size.

It's not a boulder - even if somehow our mind (so craving for us to stay safe within where we are now) has created that as our truth. It's just a string. And once you step over it, it will reappear outside where you stand now. Quite flexible, the string is.

Oh and by the way, boulders can be walked around, even if they are the size of our entire comfort zone.

Begin that journey, see what you can become and what you can learn as you take step after step. Who knows, at some point you may look down and see the boulder truly is just a little thread lying there.