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Calling Forth the Good NOW

Hi and welcome to the Art of Onward!

In this human experience we all share, things happen, don't they. Unexpected things. Some we welcome, and some we really don't.

Like car accidents! I was hit hard on my drive to church 6 weeks ago. So hard, I have been recovering from a severe concussion - and that's apart from the back, shoulder, neck pain.

I think the most difficult aspect of these injuries was the fact I was not allowed to read and also was told to minimize my screen time. And I had just been working on a writing project.

Next is the memory loss and the jumbled thoughts and words. It took me 15 minutes to remember the word for "license plates" a few days after the accident. Come on brain!

Frustrating. I felt time slipping past me every day of these past six weeks. I missed appointments and spent the first three weeks basically forced to rest. And getting annoyed with what I felt was excruciatingly slow progress.

Then bad news about dishonesty in a friendship I truly valued. That is still a painful pill to swallow for me. I don't deal well with dishonesty.

And an insurance company that is somehow quite comfortable not responding to me, my doctors, or the bodyshop that is still fixing the car. After twenty years, my first accident.

I'm sure you have had your moments these past two months as well, of things not being as you feel they should be. Physically, spiritually, or mentally, perhaps.

HOW do we keep these human experiences from crushing us? How can we look in the face of hardship and see light and hope and remember there is good to be found in all experience?

It's hard! And I have to say, I've had a few moments of complete despair, as I felt overwhelmed and just plain small - and broken in a literal sense - in the face of it all.

How do we find the good in it?

We decide.

There is Power in a Decision.

It's the one thing we do have control over - what we DECIDE.

It's like the day I DECIDED I would turn my story and journey into something that helps others in similar emotional pain as I was.

Like the time I DECIDED to take the life coaching course so I can better serve those in my path.

When I DECIDED to heal. Slowly, step by step, not skipping ahead but painfully taking each step.

Like when I DECIDED to regain my stomach muscles after surgery and began to do yoga.