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Your True Value

Hi and welcome back to the Art of Onward!! 

As I shared last week, I am currently doing my best to recover form a severe concussion as a result of being rear ended in my car 7 weeks ago now. 

Concussions are rough!

The first few weeks, I was rendered useless. Then I committed to some low key things I thought for sure I could handle. 

And just last week, I was forced by renewed illness and nausea, to step away from it all. 

Wow that's difficult! So many things I hoped to have accomplished by now, and such strong desire to move forward with my progression toward my dreams. 

And that awful feeling - non productivity. 


my value is steeped only in what I can deliver. What if I am only as valuable as the output, the tangible deliverables?  Then an injury like this forces me to press PAUSE on it all.

What then? I have no value until my brain is fully healed? 

This has been on my heart to share with all of you.

YOUR UNIQUE VALUE is not what you can do, what you can deliver, what you can create. It is not what you look like or who your friends are. It is not your bank account, it is not your postal code, job or what car you drive. 

It isn't what you've conquered, or how resilient you are. (Wow, that's a big one, right?) 

Your VALUE is YOU. Read that again. Your Value is YOU. Your birth, your very existence is your gift, one you can not earn, one that was given to you. YOU are loved by the Divine and you were born with promises for a life filled with freedom and love and the blessing of being loved. 

Your Value lies within you and without you - the Divine fills you and surrounds you always. This is a constant you can count on, I can count on.  

The very fact you breathe and your heart beats, these are gifts we can not give ourselves, they are gifts we are offered at conception.