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10 Steps to take before this Decade Ends

Hello my fellow travellers!

I'm so happy to have you here, and welcome you to The Art Of Onward. I hope and trust you find inspiration and loving motivation here for your journey.

If you're reading the posts on this blog, you likely have experienced disappointment, trauma, loss, and sadness in the recent years. So, as the chapter of this decade closes, I want to send you my love right here and now.

There is a time to grieve, even to wallow a little in that heartbreak, and I hope you are able to find a way to honor that process for yourself. I will take this opportunity to again remind you, you deserve the time you need, and the journey is yours alone. No one else can feel what you feel, and you decide when you are ready for what. Do try to surprise yourself a little every day, though, at how much stronger you truly are becoming. Sometimes we need to stretch outside that alluring comfort zone in order to see what we are capable of now. You really can. So take a deep breath and allow yourself to lean forward.

As I promised in the title of this post, I have ten leaning forward and upward ideas for us all, as we together close out this decade and begin a new chapter in a new decade.

1. You know that disappointment? That grief deep within your soul?

Breathe in the Life and Love around you, allow it reach deeply within your core, hold it there and allow it to release pieces of that pain. Now exhale, and as you do, allow those shards to go. Just go. Don't worry about where it's going, that's no longer your concern. You get to let go as much as was made ready in this moment. Repeat for a minimum of 5 minutes, and feel your soul begin to lighten. One breath, one moment at a time.

2. The Undefined Pieces of Loss

All too common is the story of people receiving struggle and pain in their lives, and choosing to hold and nurture it like a newborn infant. Don't.

This is a dangerous trap, it appears to feel good to feel so awful, but you have so much more to offer your self, your future, yes, your purpose that still is yours. You can let go, and now is a good time to begin that process. How?

Begin with your journal and a pen. (make this a physical exercise, no typing, use the pen)

Write down random words as you sit and meditate on what you have within you to release. They don't need to form a sentence, or make sense. This is for you alone. Write down the moments of pain, the disappointments, the loss, the fear, the ache. Random words across the page. Purposely write across the lines, allow your neural patterns to be bumped and tossed in to digging deeper and deeper.

These random words you've written across your page are now a more defined part of the curriculum of you, your growth, your healing.

3. Eyes Up

You don't need to journey this process on your own. Look Up, ask the Divine to give you Strength, Courage and Healing. Try to remember the unending Love there, even if you sometimes can't feel, see or touch it. You are not alone. You can not breathe yourself, or make your heart beat, there IS a divine strength at your fingertips at all times.

4. Take One Step

Deep breath, yes you can do this. Take one step in the direction of your dream. Remember that? The dream? If the one you had before is too big and feels too far away to grasp right now, don't worry, it will return. For now, let's start with something smaller, something closer.

Do you have it? Good!