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Finding PEACE in Uncertain Times

Welcome to the Art of Onward! I'm so glad you're here.

During the immense changes in these past few weeks, the world has changed so much, hasn't it?

Panic, fear and desperation have driven a portion of the population to greed and selfish actions that have left others in tears, as they stare at empty shelves at stores.

Many have shown kindness and a keen awareness of how connected we truly are, these are people are volunteering their strength in service of the weak, they are offering encouragement and uplifting messages in person and on social media.

I am so very proud of each of you who have decided to take this opportunity to shine hope and love into our world. I am so grateful for the generous spirits that continue to show themselves during these uncertain times.

I, too, am offering daily inspiration and encouragement, in effort to share love, light, hope, and inspiration to those who would like it.

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As I take in the vast difference between the above groups of people, I am reminded how every situation we encounter in life, comes with a choice.

When we have nurtured our spirits and mental wellness, we tend to choose the kindness over greed, we become better able to discern how we can make a positive impact in our world instead of choosing selfishness.

And if we ever needed it, it is now. We need the warriors of positive purpose to shine brightly in our world. Each person in their unique way, as each of us has our own fingerprint of impact we are built to make.

As you continue to make your impact, you will find a peace and calm within that will likely surprise you with its depth.

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We can stand stronger when we stand together. And there's nothing like a little inspiration in the day.