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Serenity in Quarantine

“By the end of this quarantine are all going to be completely shredded or total alcoholics! “

“Who’s daydrinking with me?”

“Who would have thought there would be a time where weed was easier to get

than toilet paper and hand sanitizer?”

And the list goes on. There are literally thousands of memes and pictures from literally thousands of people circulating to keep spirits up and break up the craziness of the global pandemic known as Covid19.


Or add to it.

This is the latest big thing and it is MASSIVE! Worldwide fear and uncertainty at its absolute finest - all dressed up for the prom.

Let's take a quick look shall we? The beginning of this madness saw people hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer (and yes, ammo!) as though it was the zombie apocalypse and stores were literally sold out - carried away by the people who could afford to hoard it. Meat sections were sold out and just recently i saw a pic of uniformed police officers guarding the toilet paper stash at a department store.

Everyone is either quarantined, coming out of quarantine, or working hoping they don’t get the virus and end up quarantined.

We are all under lockdown.

Entire cities, nations, communities.

The ignorants are getting rattled with public shaming and previously normal parties or gatherings at a park are now broken up by bylaw officers and policemen alike as they have disregarded the social distancing rule. Yes, it is now a rule.

For the record, liquor stores are still operating. It is a funny thought - and a relief to some - that they still have that option.

For those “normies”, a nightcap is one sweet little end to the day where they can kick their feet up, chill in front of their tv or phone screen, sip away and call it a day.

Others can day drink and post it like it's a rarity and socially acceptable.