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Let's do Coffee: Welcome to the Conversation about Inspiring Healing and Finding Wholeness

Hi and welcome to The ART of ONWARD !!

Let’s grab a coffee, or glass of wine - depending on time of day - and get to know each other.

I suppose I should go first, as host of this moment, though if you were in my home, I’d make you a vanilla latte, and would likely forget what I was doing, because I’d be so interested in who you are, where you are at today, how you are feeling right now, as we would celebrate the new friendship we both know is being planted in this moment.

Except! I’m here, and you’re there. So here I go:

My name is Jewelle. My last names no longer identify with me - long story we’ll get to soon I promise - so yes, I’m Jewelle :)

I’m a mother of two fabulous, empowered girls, who have saved my lives more times than they know - again, more on that soon - with their support, love, and advice. Oh yes! Their insights are keen and sharp, and I, as their mother, could not be more proud of my daughters as I continue to learn from them.

My entire life has been filled with a burning desire to make the world a better place. I know, I know, we all want that, but for me it’s a calling, a mission if you will, a life purpose. So as I find myself in a position to share my journey toward healing, strength, and renewed hope, I pray I can somehow bring light to your heart in some way.

I have been waiting for my voice to be stronger, louder, bigger somehow, as I had a certain image of what life would be like, and found myself silent on many levels - silenced by the wait of being someone, something more - when my oldest daughter looked at me and said “Mom, you’re writing a book, right?” “Yes.” “How’s that coming?” “Pretty good actually” and then she said these words, 8 months ago …