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Taking Care of You First

Hi and Welcome back to The Art of Onward!

Happy International Women's Day!!

Because it's Women's Day today, let's discuss the thing - THAT thing - that somehow continues to elude us women. Oh yes, we know we should do this, we know we are stronger and better able to shine in our worlds when we do this, and yet - YET - we continue to put our self care on the back burner. So let's take a few purposeful steps toward some simple ways we can take care of ourselves ...

embracing my wings ...

Building on the Self Love Theme, let's take a look at how we can expand on how we can continue to show ourselves the love we deserve. These ideas, as always, as based on my own journey, and the steps I've taken or am taking toward a stronger and more whole me.

~ Take time to nurture your Spiritual Self. We all have the Divine within us, slate time at the start of your day and again time at the end of your day to meditate/pray and read what inspires and empowers you.

~ Make the effort to nurture your Physical Body. Because mind and body are absolutely connected, remember when we add nutrients to our physical being, we are also nurturing our inner selves. Aren't you proud of yourself when, at the end of the day, you can truly say, today I took good care of my body? I am. When I know I've added uncontaminated foods to my nutrition, like fresh vegetables and fruit, and I've eliminated chemicals from my bodily intake, I don't just feel good physically, I feel GOOD spiritually too! So here's your reminder - check those labels, and if you're finding artificial ANYTHING in there, decide for your self, you don't need it, your body doesn't need it.

~ Care for your Mental Wellbeing. Our surroundings affect our mental state. The air we take in to our bodies has an affect on our mental state (body too, of course) ... I have learned how to feed my mental state throughout the days. Realizing I need to prioritize my wellbeing, I purchased several diffusers and have continuous oils spreading their health benefits to my mind and body throughout the day.

Uplifting Oils:

Lemongrass - refreshing, stimulating, rejuvenating, inspiring, and balancing

Citrus - like lemon and orange - these offer instant mood boosters

Mind Oils:

Rosemary strengthens clarity, memory, insight and mental capacity - a huge help with regaining my mind during recovery

Jasmine - relaxes the mind and boosts self confidence (who knew!? Wow, huh!?)

Balsam Fir - helps to balance mood and promotes spirituality