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Safe Outside Your Safety Zone

Hi and welcome back to The Art of Onward! As I continue to share healing and inner wholeness tips with you, please feel free to reach out if there is a specific topic you'd like me to explore on your behalf. It's all anonymous, and I'm always touched and grateful to hear from each of you, and how this blog is helping your own journey. Email me, if you like, at theArtofOnward@gmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Let's talk about that comfort zone thing ... I know, you've probably heard it a hundred times, but I'd love to re-approach this topic today.

In Conquer Resistance Parts 1 - 3, we discussed the power of our current comfort zone. How it can keep a solid grasp on us, keeping us from taking that next step we have such a longing to take.

But how we do define it? What happens in our mind and body when we are about to step across this invisible line in our patterns? We discussed the fear that steps in in the Resistance posts, but how does it FEEL?

Let's walk through a scenario if you will ...

I'm in a lonely place in my life, I live in a location that I've outgrown, I have negative and emotionally vampiric people in my lives, and I'm constantly wishing I could find a way to enter my next chapter of life.

Because I LONG to have healthy relationships, I desire to live in a place where my surroundings match my soul's needs and purpose, I wish to no longer be lonely, or unfulfilled.

And yet, here I am. And my nervous system and everything I am, have decided this is my "safe place", aka my "comfort zone". As I try to imagine living the life I would love to live, I have an extremely difficult time putting images to it. The concept of these elements in my life somehow scare me. What if I do all the work to make the changes and the results are less than what I thought they would be?

There are a million questions and doubts whenever we look outside our comfort zone - I call it my "perceived comfort zone" (because seriously, am I really that comfortable in the above scenario?) - because we haven't been there before. If we had, our comfort zone would have expanded to include whatever it is we are looking to add/change/be/find.

So how do we cross the line of this increasingly strong, seemingly magnetic, force in our life? How do we get our nervous system to accept the fact that there will be changes, and they will be scary, and they will FEEL dangerous, and still we will find a way to force ourselves to move in the direction of our dreams?

You've heard it before I'm sure, but here it is again: