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How to Choose our Subconscious Beliefs

Hi and Welcome Back to the Art of Onward!

Last week I wrote to you about the Power words can have on us. They can build, they can destroy, they can edify or they can crush. They can also last forever within our mind, via frequent returns within our self talk, and with repetition, the message we receive from those words seeps into the subconscious and settles in as a belief.

This is why I reminded all of us to be especially careful in the choosing of our own words as we touch lives of those we come in contact with.

Let's take a look at how we receive what is given us:

Can we control it? The power these words can have over us? We can not choose WHAT we are given, but we CAN choose HOW we receive it.

I believe this is one of the most important life skills we can develop. My own journey has strengthened so much since I've found strategies on how to choose what I allow in to my subconscious.

We can take responsibility for what we offer others, and for what we receive and how we receive it. It's not as difficult as it might sound.

What we receive and what we choose to accept are two completely separate processes. We have very little, if any, control over what we receive. What someone else says - or does - to us is really a mirror of their journey, and works to affect ours, but is not necessarily truth.

In this western society, we receive messages all day long - from advertisements to social media, to much more subliminal catalysts - not always via words, but by the words our mind receives from images or comparisons. We can be made to feel small one moment, and empowered the next. Ready to conquer the world, or desiring to hide under the covers.

But nothing can hit us quite as deeply as the messages we receive from our own voice. This is the voice we will practice using to filter what we receive throughout our days.

A message comes at us.

It is positive, uplifting.

We immediately make the decision of whether we accept this message or not.

Our mind filters the message, we decide if it matches what our inner voice is telling us.

If it does not, we (hopefully) ask for more information prior to making the decision on whether or not to receive.

If it does match, we accept it willingly, grateful for the reinforcement of what we already know or believe.

This process happens very quickly, and usually without our conscious awareness of it.

A message comes at you.

It is cruel. It tears you down and makes you feel small. Or powerless. Or needy. Less Than.

What happens now?

*If we have those doubts, those fears, those messages, already implanted into our minds, then we are more willing to accept these messages. Just as above, if these messages coincide with what we already believe, we accept them willingly, reinforcing what we already know or believe. Even if it's just a tiny hint of prior belief.

This can be tough. It feels a bit like we're stuck then, right? No. There is another way.

There are days when I am certain of a forward step I am preparing to take, and someone else shows up and perpetuates doubt by overanalyzing the situation to such an extent that instead of the firm belief I had just prior to this conversation, I find myself waffling.

We are all on our journey in this human experience, and it is natural to be affected by the messages we receive.

But do we want to continue to ACCEPT these messages?

I don't. And I also no longer wish to spend the next three days in battle with myself to get back to where I was before that doubt was reinforced.

If I'm willing to accept the doubt and fear, then that is only because I already have it, however minuscule, within me.

If we place two pianos next to each other, and we play a middle C on one, the middle C string on the other will chime along with that frequency.

If that string has been removed from the second piano, the middle C on the first piano is the only one to vibrate.

It is the same with our psyche. If we have that same note already playing within us, we will readily accept, and believe, the message we are being given.

Let's be aware then, of the various notes within us. It is natural to doubt, to fear, to hesitate.

It is not healthy to allow them to percolate and take control.

Do you find it hard to receive compliments? Next time you look in the mirror, name three things about your image that you love. And smile at your you. Be grateful. Let that really sink in. Feel how nice that feels.

With continued practice, you'll be receiving compliments with a graceful smile, and a thank you.

How about compliments that reach deeper, into your personhood, your contributions? Again, sit back, close your eyes and think about three times that you've succeeded at something. Feel how good that felt. And yes, practice feeling that sense of satisfaction. You'll soon find yourself no longer downplaying your successes, but celebrating them with gratitude and grace.

Piano Keyboard

These are some examples of messages we receive, we accept, and the reasoning behind why we do what we do.

But wait, I said it's only natural to have doubt, fears etc. It's only natural to sometimes feel small, incapable, overwhelmed.

Let's go there for a second.

Message of doubt received.


Seriously, PAUSE the message in its tracks. INTERRUPT IT.


Goes like this:


You are not going to pull this meeting off. Those people all think you're a fraud. They won't buy from you.

Now PAUSE. And say this:

Excuse me. This is a message from my soul. You are wrong. That is not true. Here is what IS true: I am enough, I am well prepared, my service and the value I am providing to my clients is second to none. And this meeting has every opportunity to have a positive outcome.



You aren't ready to take this next step. Too many unknowns, and too many things could go wrong. You haven't planned it out perfectly. You should wait, and keep planning every detail. You're not ready. You will fail.

Now PAUSE. And say this:

Excuse me. This is a message from my soul. You are wrong. That is not true. I am a child of God, and He will guide me and strengthen me, and will lead me to where I need to be. I may not have everything figured out quite yet, but as I continue the journey, my path will be made clear to me. And I will take these steps, because until I do, those answers will stay vague. I am not alone, and I am ready to take my first steps.



You aren't pretty enough, tall enough, skinny enough, talented enough, insightful enough, popular enough.


Excuse me. This is a message from my soul. You are wrong. I am a unique and beautiful person, I have everything it takes. And I am enough.

(download 11 Self Love Boosting Statements here: to aid in catching these opportunities and effectively replace these harmful messages)

Those are a few examples of stopping the messages we are given BEFORE we choose to accept them. As your awareness expands, you will begin to discern the messages coming your way. We all have our battles with fear and doubt and insecurities, and that's okay, but in this way, we can begin to reeducate our subconscious and limit their reinforcement.

In time, and with continued practice, the boosting messages will hold more space in both your conscious and subconscious mind. You will feel stronger, have more energy and focus, and you will be able to spot the harmful messages from miles away.

To raise our self worth and our self love, is to also harness the mind, using the Divine power within each of us, and filter the messages BEFORE we make our choice of what to accept.

Sending each of you so much Love,

Remember, your words of Power - especially the ones you tell yourself.


As always, please feel free to message me privately if you would like some support on your journey:

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