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The Battle for Courage & Strength

Hi and Welcome back to the Art of Onward!

Today I'm led to talk with you about why we need to be strong. Why we push ourselves minute by minute to grow, expand, take that next courageous step in our forward direction. Perhaps, though, it's time redefine what exactly we see as "Strong or "Inner Strength". And to check in with the alternative - what happens if we stop.

What is Strength? It can range from sheer willpower and stubborn discipline to a whisper of acknowledging the pain we find ourselves somehow surviving. Being strong does not mean we are Amazonian Women or Herculean Men a hundred per cent of the time.

Perhaps we should redefine what strength is:

- Acknowledging the Pain and taking the time we need to work through it. Denying it just puts it on hold, it will come back, and it will cut harder and deeper. So acknowledge and carry yourself through it now.

- Stretching our Recovery Muscles - every time we take a step outside our comfort zone, we are stretching ourselves. If we take one little step every day, we can rebuild our strength.

- Daring to Love Ourselves - Not as easy as it sounds, is it!? Loving means Accepting. All of us. The hurt child within, the angry monster, the scared victim - loving them each, talking with each of them with "I hear you", "I see you", "I love you", "I will take care of you" ... These are acts of Loving Ourselves.

- Embracing Faith and Hope again. These were huge for me. I lived on hope, and my Faith was most important to me. Both disappeared at the same time. In a blink of an eye.

- Be willing to smile, and you'll even find yourself laughing from your depths again. I remember the exact moment I smiled the first time, it was months after, and my cheeks felt odd with the movement. As you read this, learn from my mistake and get there quicker - it feels good. Smiling is life giving. Smiling doesn't mean the pain is gone, it means your life is still there. Finding joy, or kindness, authentically, does not negate your pain journey, it simply reminds you that there is still good at your fingertips, awaiting your acknowledgment.

- Strength is also standing up for Your Self. It is Moving On to a better place. It is Providing Your Self with a Safe Place - Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, Mentally. Or telling someone to leave. These are big steps of Courage. Find Someone Safe to journey this with you - these are Not things you need to accomplish on your own.

From every corner, it seems, we hear this message:

Be Strong

You Got This

Never Quit

Forge Onward

Be the Best Self You Can Be

The list goes on for ever. We've heard these phrases. We've read these phrases.