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4 Ways to Stop Judging Ourselves

Hi! And Welcome back to The Art of Onward, where I'm using my story to inspire yours.

I recently wrote to you all about the uniqueness of each of our healing and life journeys. As I share mine, and try to pinpoint what's worked for me, in order to share with you, I hope and pray your progress is strengthened.

Remember, this is a life journey, which doesn't mean it has to be difficult for ever, but it means what we do today will impact our tomorrows. What we allow our mind to believe today will translate in to results in our future.

That said, let's take the pressure off, and let's stop judging ourselves so harshly. If you're breathing today, and if you're finding something - anything - to be grateful for today, you are moving in a strong forward direction. Every day does not have to be overflowing with hope, positivity and huge leaps of progress. Healing takes time, and the tiny steps we take daily will culminate in to the leaps we wish to see - we need to be patient with ourselves.

And we need to stop judging our Selves and where we're at. There is no mountain we can climb in one leap, we take one step at a time, in this human experience, and we make progress.

I have found when I begin to judge my journey, the pressure of my own harshness inhibits my growth. It also impacts my sleep!! And without sleep, our minds have a more difficult time healing, processing, and guiding our thoughts and emotions.

Judging each other as well as ourselves is a low energy, downward spiralling thought pattern, and only hurts and inhibits us from getting to our next step.

If you're having a tough time with this, like I have on many occasions, I have a few ideas that may help:

~ interrupt the harsh self talk and replace it with a turn around statement

Tip: Train yourself to notice this voice! Once we recognize it, we can interrupt and replace it.

ex. "I didn't exercise today." to "I let me body rest today, allowing it to be stronger tomorrow."

ex. "I watched too much TV today." to "Today I needed to be inspired by the human experience and struggles of others."

ex. "I ate too much junk food today" to "Today I fed my body what my emotions needed, tomorrow I will feed it what my body needs."

You get the idea :) The point is, let's stop beating ourselves up about the little things. This takes the focus and energy away from where it needs to flow to, which is our healing of mind and soul. (Remember last week's post "Where Focus Goes Energy Flows"

~ have a notebook where you write down your favorite quotes that are chosen to reframe your mindset easily.

My Favorite Quotes Journal

Here's a picture of mine :) (Yes, I LOVE Elephants....)

~ have another journal or notebook handy, where you jot down your accomplishments - even the "easy" ones. Nothing's easy right now, so if you made it on time to pick the kids up from school, you're winning! And by writing these wins down, you're teaching your subconscious mind that you're accomplishing good things and are, therefore, successful. With consistency, this message will begin to silence the judgement statements over time.

~ find a support partner who knows how to lovingly guide you back to your more beneficial mindsets.

Judging ourselves or others is an example of our lack of self worth, and self love.

I've put together a list of 11 Self Love Boosting Power Statements for all my subscribers. I suggest printing it and pinning it up somewhere visible to you - and reading it out loud to yourself at least once daily. I repeat these when my mind threatens a downward spiral, and I have a battle on my hands to get me back to where I need to be.

For me, by the time I'm through this list, I've reset my emotional state. I hope it does the same for you! Click HERE to get your free copy.

Sending you all So Much Love and Continued Healing!


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