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Re-Discover Your Voice

I'm so glad you're here! Welcome :) ...

Today I'm diving right in. I'd like to talk about an epidemic of silence around us, within us, surrounding us.

the silence within

Each of us.

Yes I know, the #MeToo movement provided a platform, at long last, for those of us who have suffered at the controlling hand of someone else. Yes, men and women alike. For a time. We don't know how long this will last, but at least truths have been exposed, and opportunity has been provided for a few.

But I'm talking about the rest of our population. Not necessarily #MeToo sufferers, but all of us.

When we really pay attention to how people are speaking, where the voice is coming from, the tightness of the throat and the technical quality of the sounds coming our way, we will notice more and more, especially us women: we are losing our voice.

I am so struck by this fact this week, that I'm going to be releasing a course on this:

How we lose our Voice.

How we can regain it.

In the past few years, I've been finding mine again, both the power of what I stand for and the truths I will fight for, as well as the physical manifestation of my voice.

Lately, when I answer my calls, I hear this:

"Wow, Jewelle, you sound great"


"Wow, Jewelle, you sound so happy"

Truth is, it's the confidence I'm regaining. It's the self talk I've been sharing with all my readers here, that I've been using myself.

If you haven't downloaded these Self Lost Boost Statements - they're still available here

And it's the fact that I'm no longer willing to be silenced by anyone, and the boundaries I've set firmly in place for my own health and wellbeing. It's the difference in how I choose to speak to myself, that is allowing my true voice to resound in to the world. Or my phone at least :) ...

The thrill I feel when others can notice it within an easy and quick "hello" on the phone, is a satisfaction I hope to spread to as many people as possible.

Here are a few occurrences that will rob you of your voice:

1. Condescension - you're excited to share something valuable and joyful to you, and it is quashed with disregard, or even questions and doubt that cause you to lose your zest. And your willingness to share these joys again, because now you feel you must protect them in order to hold on to their reality.

2. Being Cut Off - when someone speaks louder than you, to silence you as they take over the conversation.

3. Gaslighting - this is a relatively new term to me, but not a new experience. You come forward with a concern, or thought, and are made to feel crazy for it. Again, your voice gets softer and quieter every time.

These are a few examples of how we slowly, over time, lose our voices.

We will explore these occurrences in more detail, and we will then build a structure to rebuild our voice. Yes, I said REBUILD and REGAIN our voice.

Because you DESERVE TO BE HEARD. Your thoughts are significant, your joys and struggles are important.

Quick little me-story to complete this intro to the course...

I was speaking to my sister about 6 months after my trauma, and she noticed already then that I was changing. She told me that I used to clear my throat when I was trying to say something ... more so when I was trying to really make a point.

After only 6 months, she'd noticed I was doing this less.

Now, after 3 years, I speak without needing to clear space within myself.

This week, pay attention to your voice. Where is it coming from? Your belly? Your throat? Are your shoulders raised? Is your jaw clenched? Is your throat raspy? Awareness is always the first key to change ... Let's make a conscious effort to be aware.

And let's continue to strengthen our voices!

See you back next week!

Love, Healing and wishes for Deep Wholeness from me to each of you!


PS - Do you know ONE PERSON who would benefit from what I'm sharing here at Art of Onward? Please share the site with them!

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