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Re-Discover Your Voice

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Today I'm diving right in. I'd like to talk about an epidemic of silence around us, within us, surrounding us.

the silence within

Each of us.

Yes I know, the #MeToo movement provided a platform, at long last, for those of us who have suffered at the controlling hand of someone else. Yes, men and women alike. For a time. We don't know how long this will last, but at least truths have been exposed, and opportunity has been provided for a few.

But I'm talking about the rest of our population. Not necessarily #MeToo sufferers, but all of us.

When we really pay attention to how people are speaking, where the voice is coming from, the tightness of the throat and the technical quality of the sounds coming our way, we will notice more and more, especially us women: we are losing our voice.

I am so struck by this fact this week, that I'm going to be releasing a course on this:

How we lose our Voice.

How we can regain it.

In the past few years, I've been finding mine again, both the power of what I stand for and the truths I will fight for, as well as the physical manifestation of my voice.